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Can I get a mortgage…? At 18

The simple answer to getting a mortgage at 18 is YES you may be able to, but the situation is likely to be more complicated.

The reason it can be more complicated is mainly due to the following:

  • The source of your deposit, as this is unlikely to be from your own savings. In general, gifted deposits from family are very common. It is also possible to look at some 100% mortgages that do not require you to have a deposit, they will usually however require help from a family member. Please see our Mortgage Deposits page.
  • Employment history as it will be less than 3 years this can restrict some mortgage lenders. If you are currently in employment, even if you are in a probationary period this can explored.
  • Credit history as you will not have much, if any history with credit reference agencies, this could cause some restrictions with mortgage lenders. There are lenders we can discuss your situation with that do not use credit scoring and so this can be explored for you, if necessary.
  • Your age, some lenders put a minimum age of 21 on their mortgages. There are plenty of lenders that this doesn’t apply to and so this element can usually be easily solved.

With all the above taken into consideration there are still plenty of mortgages from competitive lenders that may be able to help you. The situation will depend also on a thorough assessment of your affordability and so this will need to be discussed.

Please get in touch today and start discussing your situation.