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BISF Home Mortgages

We want to help you with your BISF Mortgage needs here at Community Mortgage Services Ltd.

As you can guess, today I want to talk about BISF properties (British Iron and Steel Federation) in more detail. BISF houses are steel framed houses built by the British Iron and Steel Federation from the 1940s. They were built to simple architectural designs and thousands of properties were constructed across the UK but despite the number of houses built obtaining a mortgage for them can be more difficult. This difficulty can be amplified if for example you are also looking to purchase it under the Right to Buy Scheme.

Frustratingly for home owners or people looking to buy a BISF property, this property type is often mistaken for a form of temporary accommodation. In reality, the properties may have a lifespan similar to a standard brick-built home. So, what can you do? You could speak to your bank or building society to see whether they can help but from experience you may need specialist advice.

That is where we come in, here at Community Mortgage Services Ltd we have access to a comprehensive range of mortgages from across the market, including specialist lenders that can help you with a BISF mortgage. We also make the following commitments to you:

  • We will make the process as simple as possible and discuss your mortgage requirements with you in a jargon-free way.
  • We do not charge fees for our advice – This means you can get the advice and service you need, without spending your money.
  • If you decide to go ahead with us, we will give you regular updates every step of the way, from initial contact to the day of your mortgage completing.

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