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Helping with Buy to Let Mortgages

Today we wish to discuss buy to let mortgages and the importance of getting the correct mortgage advice as a landlord.

The reason for this is simple, not only will the mortgage impact on your bottom line but many landlords are using their properties not just for an immediate income but for their futures.

Is it a property to be sold to help with retirement?

Is it a property investment to help your children eventually get on the property ladder?

These are just a few examples of what we hear time and again from people needing help with their buy to let mortgages. These are often not small decisions that are being made and people need help and guidance to make sure they get the most appropriate mortgage for them.

We take pride at Community Mortgage Services in discussing people’s situations, so that people are aware and educated to what could happen, after all Buy to Let properties are an investment and with any investment comes risk. Therefore, we make a promise that we will discuss not only getting the most appropriate mortgage for you but also discuss your plans for paying the bills during periods without a tenant or rent. The reason for this is so you can plan appropriately and understand your situation.

We will also discuss with you and ensure you know about the changes to government taxation on Buy to Let income and make sure you seek the appropriate professional advice when you need it.

We want to create a partnership with landlords, one that allows them to access mortgage advice without fees. So please contact us today to find out more.