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Can I get a mortgage…? Non-Standard / Non-Traditional Properties

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Many people believe that non-standard construction properties cannot be mortgaged and often estate agents may market them as ‘cash only’ properties. Whilst it is true these properties are more difficult to mortgage and insure, many of them can still be depending on the circumstances. So, you may ask what the benefits of this are? Well […]

Non-Standard Construction Properties and Ex-Local Authority Properties

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We see time and time again people being turned down for mortgages on properties that some mortgage lenders deem unacceptable. Unfortunately, a lot of the time people then think the property is not mortgageable and search for something else, even if the property is in their dream location or they feel like it is perfect […]

Right to Buy Mortgages

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If you need help and quality advice with a Right to Buy mortgage, CMS Ltd are here for you! Get in touch today or read on for more useful Right to Buy information. As you can tell, today I want to discuss Right to Buy mortgages. The first thing to say is that the Right […]