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Saving Money Mortgages

How do I remortgage?

Step 1: Seek advice The first step when looking at remortgaging is to speak to a Mortgage Adviser. Community Mortgage Services will advise you on your mortgage free of charge. When remortgaging you need to consider all the costs. This is important, as moving from one mortgage lender to another can include valuations and legal […]

Saving Money Mortgages


Things are currently uncertain and changing daily but we are still here to help! If you currently have a mortgage that has not been reviewed in years you could look for new opportunities in the market. WHY NOW? The Bank of England Base Rate has been reduced to 0.1%. That is the lowest rate in […]

Free Mortgage Advice Manchester London

Why use a mortgage broker?

Buying a house is one of the largest financial decisions you’ll make, so it is incredibly important to get it right! Most people need a mortgage to buy their house and some people go on to need further mortgages to buy other houses, for example as buy-to-let properties. A mortgage is simply a loan taken […]